New communications platform and campaign for one of Denmarks leading matchmaking services 
Concept & copy: Jakob Staalby · Art direction: Tobias Røder 

Speak: Mette Horn · Music: "Only You" by f The Platters 
Sound: Bjørn Vidø, Freezone · Editing: Martin Stolten, Frölich Post Production
Launch: Juli 2018 · Medier: Print, OOH, radio, film & social media
Sure thing, you’ll meet the one and only while waiting for the bus.
And Santa Claus will be coming for your wedding.
Take love seriously ·
One day, while you're out for a walk, the girl of your dreams suddenly appears.
She comes out of the blue, smelling of violets and wild lovemaking.
And this year, there will be no doping in Tour de France.
Take love seriously ·
Of course you can swipe your way to big, big love.
And the stork will be delivering your kids.
Take love seriously ·
Top left: Of course, Prince Charming pops up by himself. / And the stork will be delivering your kids.
Top right: Yeah, just keep bed jumping until you find the right one. /And if you buy more lottery tickets, you'll soon be a billionaire too.
Bottom left: There's no need to make an effort for love. / It's just like promotions and raises; they also come all by themselves.
Bottom right: No doubt,  your freedom is worth much more than big, big love. / And you'll have so much fun with your cats when you get old. 
Take love seriously ·
Of course you will meet the one and only in the bar 4:55 am.
And in the morning, the Easter Bunny will serve you breakfast in bed.
Take love seriously ·
Relax, some day love will hit you like a lightning from a clear blue sky.
And your mother will stop giving you unsolicited advice.
Take love seriously ·
For sure, Mr. Right is waiting for you down in the supermarket.
You will find him in the department for fruits and vegetables.
There he is, feeding his unicorn.
Take love seriously ·
No doubt, you will meet the one and only by accident in the new year.
You just know that it is bound to be happen.
And the trains will be on time, all winter.
Take love seriously ·

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