Sometimes you simply try too hard. Like this weird piece of cheese promotion that we made for Arla. We had lots of fun making it, but in the end it doesn't make much sense. It was an ugle duckling that never became a swan. Still I am fond it and the pure stupidity of the idea and the project. 
To deliver the message "Arla's New Cheese Favorites Are Sure Hits Every Time" we released the world's first ever vinyl record with cheese holes! A limited edition of yellow vinyl records containing a collection of orignal cheesy songs by Modern Talking (Brother Louie), Sabrina (Boys) and Europe (The Final Countdown). And yes, you can actually play the record without breaking the pick-up.

Agency: Ogilvy Denmark
Client: Arla Denmark
Creative team: Camilla Ploug, Rasmus Høgdahl, Jesper Isholm and Jakob Staalby In collaboration with: Bjørn Vidø of Freezone

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